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Address:10 Building,No.183 TingLan Street,SuZhou industrial Park,JiangSu

Company Profile

      U-Test Technolgy was founded in 2007 as a supplier of used&refurbished Automated Test Equipment and spare parts,U-Test buys&sells&Rental in-circuit PCB test systems..

      U-Test is also a supplier of design and manufacture in-circuit and functional of quality test fixtures for a wide range of test platforms.

Company Culture

      Company Objective: Providing The Highest Quality Sevice to Customers

      Handing Concept:Quality Preeminent, Price Reasonable,Service Excellent, Response Prompt

Business Characteristic

------Why Choose U-test


      Our products has been manufactured to the highest standards using the finest materials together with world-class designs and experienced professionals, our processes are focused at achieving your total satisfaction,careful control of each stage of our production ensures consistency and adherence to our specification.


      Our objective is to provide the highest quality service to customer, service time is 24hours*7days, unlimited phone support. On site support within 2~4 hours when receiving phone call. Fault parts exchange on next business day.


      Replacement ATE parts from U-Test can cost form 20% to 50% less than the equivalent part form OEM.


      Your requirements will be satisfied exactly to your specification, provide tumkey solutions according to customer requirement.

Business Offering

----What does U-Test Offer?

      Automatic Test Equipment Aglient/Genrad/Teradyne system Sells, Upgrade, Refurbishment, Rental, Installation, Service Contract.

      Automatic Test Equipment Aglient/Genrad/Teradyne System parts and Power Suppliers Sells, Advance Repair/Exchange

      Fixture Design and Manufacture for a Wide Rang Of Platforms(ICT, FCT). Fixture Parts and Tools Sells

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